Blush Me Pretty

Hello Desi Girls,

Didn’t get enough sleep again? Too many deadlines at work? Life falling apart in general?

Do NOT leave the house without blush. Your life difficulties give you absolutely no excuse to go makeup free, you know how sadistic our society is –  do you want to be known as the ‘pity girl’?

Ok ,even if you don’t care about judged at this point, you are not allowed, under any circumstances, to go in to work/socialize without blush. Unless you’re intending on pulling off a fake sicky at work in the next days to pamper yourself at the spa. Or catch up on some sleep. In that case lay off the blush and foundation and apply dark grey eyeshadow on your lower lids (in mild quantities) to enhance the pity factor and get the suspicious colleagues / boss off your case 😉

Anyways here is the recommendation of the day – Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush. I use Nectar religiously. It is great across desi skin-tones (pale to wheatish). The shimmer is minimal so it gives a very nice, natural glow even if you apply only one layer with your brush (great for work and day-wear).

For an evening outing apply two layers and top it off a stroke of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (bronze if your skin tone veers to the darker end and nectar if your tone is more on the pale, lighter brown side). Visit me again to hear more about these two magical products later this week.

Have a pretty day and remember, makeup is your best friend 🙂



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9 thoughts on “Blush Me Pretty

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