Free Tack Pass – The Red You Need. Sephora Creme Lip Stain (01) Review

Here we go brown beauties, the Sephora Creme Lip Stain 01. Thank me later ;) Image Source and Order Here!

Here we go brown beauties, the Sephora Creme Lip Stain 01. Thank me later 😉

Hello Ladies,

There comes a day, in every girl’s life,  when she needs to outshine that bitchy rich girl she knew back in school at a partay or a wedding or maybe a brunch.

I dislike day-time beauty competitions because its’ almost impossible to to feign natural beauty (everyone can see you’ve contoured -_-) But in this context, looking tacky/obviously dolled up is permissible because everyone is doing it  and you’ll look anemic if you go too far in your pursuit of the cosmetic yet ‘natuwally beautiful’ face.

So you saunter to your room and take out all  your ammo. You slap it on (very judiciously because you visit WBVANITY enough to know better 😉 but there is something missing. You look classy – but your face still looks awfully similar to the way it does the other 365 days in a year. You’re missing the glamour. And that just won’t do because you need to look like a completely different person.

So whats that one thing, that is going to give you the straight-off-the-catwalk-but-so-effortlessly-stunning look? Good ol’ red on the lips.

First of all, remember not to shy away from using it, especially if its’ a daytime event. Take it out of the freezer (where you have been preserving it) and put it on your dressing table so that you remember you have the option of wearing it every time you go out.

Our beautiful brown complexions get the extra zing from bright lipsticks, especially red and maroon. Although this post focuses on making you look extra-ceptional for a semi-formal/smart casual event, do remember that that if you have the right shade of red lipstick, you can wear it to work, to shop, basically anywhere without looking OTT. You will definitely turn a lot of heads in the process so steer clear if you are still getting used to people staring all the time.

Like my hunt for the right foundation for our skin-tones, the quest for the perfect red lipstick spanned over 6 years and three continents. Luckily for you, my find this time is a budget one. Although I never recommend economizing on makeup, in this case I strongly suggest you go for it even if you are a little ambivalent towards mid-range brands.

*drum roll*

SEPHORA Creme Lip Stain 01 Always Red!!!!

It looks great across the pale-brown to dark brown color spectrum of desi skin and will DEFINITELY set you apart, even from your annoying,Tom-Ford-lipcolor- owning competitor This is the one lip color you can buy without trying on. Its’ look will vary on each girl (depending on her shade of brown you have 🙂 but is guaranteed to look classy. For 13 dollars, you’re practically getting paid to look good.

Application for Dummies

Be careful during application (one layer is fine for the day-time, for evening  outings wear two). Top it off with a dab of vaseline after it settles before heading out to offset the slightly sticky,matte texture. Remember this step especially if you are prone to dry lips.

Remember to put foundation on your lips before applying it for super zing.

In the heat, unfortunately, like all other lipsticks this may  bleed out a little, so keep an eye on your lips with discreet peeks into your compact throughout the outing 😉 Using foundation as a base and a lip pencil can help contain it to a certain extent but lay off the pencil again if its’ a day time outing (looks too dolled up).

If you want to wear it out for casual outings/ at work, top it off with a dash of nude lipstick (and lay off the foundation on the lips pre-application) – it’ll tone down the oomph factor but still look alluring.

I’m sorry that this isn’t available in Pakistan yet, but pick one up on your next vacation or  ask a friend or family member to get it for you.

Enjoy the Tack Ladies!

And remember to make-up well even when your bitchy competitors aren’t around 😉




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