Perfume Cheer up – the Verdict on Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Delight (Limited Edition)

If the cutesy bottle doesn't win your heart, get it for its' promise of a unique, long-lasting impression on everyone who smells it :)

If the cutesy bottle doesn’t win your heart, get it for its’ promise of a unique, long-lasting impression on everyone who smells it on you 🙂

What perfume keeps your blues away? This summer for me it was Daisy Delight by Marc Jacobs 🙂 Even though I opt for strong perfumes because lets face it, in south asia the regular stuff doesn’t serve its’ purpose 😛 the cutesy bottle won my heart at first sight!

Hehehehe on a more serious note, I didn’t like the original Daisy but this one is fresh, summery, girly and fun in comparison to its’ mommy even though its’ pretty light! Also its’ a limited edition scent, so you will stand out even in a crowd of the run of the mill Givenchies, Armanis and Chanels 😉

It isn’t overpowering but is strong enough to hold its’ ground even in the humidity (euphemism for sweatiness) for at least 8 hours – its a bit flowery (in case the bottle didn’t make that clear 😛 hehehe) so steer clear if you’re not into florals! Otherwise introduce some variety (and cuteness) into your perfume collection and go for this! and go for it fast because its limited edition 😉

The listed price is 81 USD. This isn’t available at home yet girls, so you’ll have to put in a request with your homies/families abroad 🙂

That’s it for this weekend ladies! Scent up and Makeup well until next time 🙂



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Sanrio – Hello Kitty is not a Cat! She’s a School Girl!!


Hello Kitty is not a Cat! I want her to be a cat! the four year old inside me refuses to accept this -_-

Hello Kitty is not a Cat! I want her to be a cat! the four year old inside me refuses to accept this -_-

O M G. Hello Kitty is not a cat??!!???

On the eve of the eternally young Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday, Sanrio has made it clear that Hello Kitty is a british girl called Kitty White! Not a cat!  But she owns a cat! and lives in London!!

Read more fun facts here at the article!

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Going to be using this as body wash – Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

Steer clear of this one ladies!

buy this at your discretion ladies! It didn’t suit me 😦 

Hello desi beauties!

I’ve been using salicylic acid acne treatment for a year now but my pimple breakout cycle seems to have gotten better. I figured I should reduce its’ application  to three times a week and went on a local hunt for a replacement face-wash I hope to transition into in the coming months.

I have very sensitive skin so I generally stick to Clinique or Origins –  Origins isn’t available locally and clinique products are overpriced (at least by 10 to 15 dollars over listed prices internationally) and expired so I decided to go a little low end and aimed for the body shop. The  aloe vera foaming face wash gel cost me 18 dollars instead of 14 ( sales tax!  I do wonder why we, beauty lovers, have to pay taxes when everyone else residing in this country seems to be getting away with it!)

Anyways my advice is to steer clear of this product if you have sensitive, combination skin. It smells horrid and gave me two pimples within 2 hours of application. Also, it made my skin very oily. This was after the salesgirl insisted that this would suit my skin-type.

So sorry but this one didn’t work out for me – they really need to start handing out samples for skin-care products (facewashes;creams, toners etc) so that we don’t end up wasting money. Maybe the one I got just went stale because of improper storage  but this is the second time this is happening to me – the first time was when I got a Vitamin E Toner that ended up giving  me rashes. That I didn’t mind so much because they were not charging sales taxes on their products back then.

Anyways shop wise ladies, and makeup well meanwhile 🙂

Oh and i’m back to salicylic acid acne treatment for the time being 😛 I might try a Dermatologica outlet later this week to see if I can find something worthwhile 🙂




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Waving August Good-bye with Mermaid’s Tears – OPI Nail Lacquer Review


I've been a little late catching up with this trend but I'm glad I didn't write it off pastel nail-polishes completely without giving it a try this season! Desi girls, pick up Mermaid's tears or go for a pedi to 'fun' up your usual look :)

I’ve been a little late catching up with this trend but I’m glad I didn’t write off pastel nail-polishes completely without giving it a try this season! Desi girls, pick up Mermaid’s tears or go for a pedi to ‘fun’ up your usual look 🙂

Hello girls!

I was at Nirvana in the Marriott  today and decided to pamper myself with a pedi for having worked so hard these past few months. I initially picked out the usual suspects (OPI and ESSIE reds and pinks) but decided to try out a pastel for a change at the last minute – everyone’s been wearing pastel nail-polishes (in yellows, lilacs, blues and pinks) this season in Pakistan. Even though I haven’t been too much of a fan of the look ( I judged it to be a tad bit juvenile!) I decided to be brave and give it a shot 🙂

I picked out Mermaid’s Tears and woah am I glad I did! It looks uhmaazinggg on my feet -I laid off having it applied on my hands because fun colors like that can look a little unprofessional –  on the feet at least you can wear closed shoes/flats and hide it if you need to look serious 🙂

Whats fun about this tone of green is that you can wear it with any colored sandals (from classy navy ones to neon desi pink) and have it work very well- the skin-tone on my feet is paler than my face but I’ve seen dark skinned girls carrying it off and they look great!

A lot of how good it looks has to do with the application ofcourse, but I’m thinking this was a great way to say good-bye to August. Will definitely be buying this and using it again for a splash of color in the winter 🙂

Available locally at your drugstores for around 12 dollars – lay off the ones that cost 5 dollars because they are thai fakes! Alternatively, if you want to experiment first (like I did!) get a pedi for 12 dollars 🙂

Have a great Tuesday ladies and make-up/and polish 😉 well! heheheheh



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My First Month Word-Press Anniversary!!!

and there I was thinking my beauty finds had be confined to my dressing table for the rest of my life!

and there I was thinking my beauty finds had be confined to my dressing table!

Today is my first month anniversary on word-press (isn’t that awesome??!??) and I just wanted to thank all of you who have followed, liked or just visited my blog!!! I am so so so happy and grateful that you take the time to read what I share 🙂 I wasn’t sure when I joined that I’d keep blogging, but your visits are motivation enough to keep me at it so thank you for your support!

Even though I haven’t been here for too long, I have been super lucky to learn so many new things about applying makeup and new products thanks to all the great stuff you guys put up!

Thankyou so much again for your valuable time, informative posts and do keep visiting!!!



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LA PRAIRE in Airline Vanity Bag? Hand it over NOW!


So that's why people insist on flying first class ;)

So that’s why people insist on flying first class 😉

Girls read a great article here by the dailymail comparing airline vanity bags!

Swiss wins it for me in terms of the bag (designed by Bally) and cosmetics (la praire!!)

Qatar is a close second because they give my fav perfume’s mini (J’adore).

So which vanity bag would convince you to fly business?!

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Summer Breakout Prevention Tip for Outdoorsy Exercisers

Working out and couldn't take your makeup off? Just don't touch the face and you'll be fine!

Working out and couldn’t take your makeup off? Just don’t touch the face and you’ll be fine!

Hello desi girls!

For those of who you who work hard to stay in shape through hiking/tennis/running etc in the outdoors in the humid-est of months (August go away already!) but don’t have time to take off your makeup after work / forget your makeup removing wipes at home, I have a tip to keep those annoying pimples away.

When you start sweating waterfalls – let it go (no pun intended 🙂 Wherever you touch your face to wipe away your sweat is where you’ll get a breakout! Guaranteed! I had no clue till my hiking buddy kindly told me the other day when I complained. So, unless you have tissue to wipe it away, keep calm and walk on (without touching your face!).

Let the sweat dry out on your ride back home (I know its’ gross but better than the pimple you’d get!) and cleanse your face before showering as soon as you get home!

Hope this helps 🙂



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