Chanel Away – Les 4 Ombre Quadra Eyeshadow Review

At 61 dollars this kit can be used multipurposely (countouring/blush ;) but is more suitable for its' intended use (on the eyes) on fair skinned girls.

At 61 dollars this kit can be used multipurposely (contouring/blush 😉 but is more suitable for its’ intended use (on the eyes) on fair skinned girls. The model’s eyebrows are phenomenal though aren’t they?  I’d like to know what they put there!

Hi Girls!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a chanel eyeshadow set during a vacation last year (had been dying to get one for a while!) 🙂  I love the compact case its very classy and its still a permanent fixture in the makeup bag I keep in my purse! I own Les 4 Ombres 81 Beige Velours.

I don’t use it that often though (which is why it is almost new but the color blocks are a  little damaged to my insistence on using it wet :P). Why? I picked it up in a bit of a rush – what the girl at the makeup counter did with it on my eyes looked very good in the light at the duty free. But when I came home and tried to work with the colors the effect wasn’t too inspiring – although its’ not supposed to be used wet, if you want the base colors to actually pop on your brown skin-tone (I’m talking about the pale-brown spectrum onwards) you need to use it wet.

You will damage the color block you use wet though, so be prepared for the beautiful kit to get slightly ugly if you do this!

Application for Dummies

The two colors I use are the rose and the deep brown (both are on the bottom second row). Apply the rose dry first ( in large quantities) – contour with the deep brown (upper end of your eyes) and then wet your applicator and rub it all over the rose block (its’ actually a circle but youknowaheyesayin :P) and re-apply it on your eyes (from the inner end to the center). If you use it dry, it barely looks like you’ve put anything on so I strongly suggest using it wet.

Use the white block (top right) to highlight (underneath your eyebrows) –  it doesn’t bear a very visible effect though, especially if you’ve applied foundation/concealer on your eyes for a base. I don’t recommend using the beige or white block in the top row for either highlighting,  base or for contouring – its’ practically invisible on our skin-tones. In my case when I tried to use the white block as a base shadow on my eye-lids (I love white-tinge eyeshadows because they make my brown eyes pop) it just blended in with my concealer. In general, the smokey eyed look I get with this kit is not fresh; it’s more of an adam’s family gloomy finish.

However, This kit can be used multipurposely! I use the top two blocks (white and beige) for contouring my face in lieu of my bobbie brown shimmer brick for evening outings at times or over my blush to glam up my look – try it and see for yourself!


This one is, in my opinion, can be missed by by desi girls (brown skinned girls) possessing skin-tones in the pale brown spectrum onwards. Unless you’re buying it just to show off ;). As a pale brownie I need to apply copious amounts and it still doesn’t show.

But if you like the insanely-naturale look ( or are fair-skinned), go for it – you know what, even if you’re brown, give it a shot.  Who knows, it might actually work for you! Just take your time to make the decision 🙂

I’d also add that the deep brown is good for contouring and really blends in naturally with minimal effort. Also,  when used wet, the rose is a winner.

I paid around 70 dollars for my kit at the time but its’ available online for 61 dollars so make your call ladies! It is available in Pakistan but you won’t be able to try it before you buy it – they’ll let you put a slight dot from the shades in a packed kit (which they will sell to another customer) onto your hands but it won’t be enough for you to be sure it suits you.

That’s it from me for the time being – have a great weekend and makeup well meanwhile 🙂



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