Let’s go smokey! MAC Greenluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Review

Use the top three for a non-greeny look if you aren't in the mood! Apply wet for a dramatic effect or dry for day-wear. At 40 dollars, this

MAC’s Greenluxe – use the top three shades for a non-greeny look if you aren’t in the mood! Apply wet for a dramatic effect or dry for day-wear. At 40 dollars, this one should definitely be re-buy desi girls!

Hello beautiful ladies!

Had a crazy week so couldn’t post earlier but so glad I have an hour to myself to do this today! I had a wedding to attend this week and as usual wanted to wear my red lippie. I tried cat-eyes with the usual evening wear/party war paint ( See Blush me Pretty for the blush I used, Shady Brands be Fine cause they got the Shine? for my countouring tools, Go Glam with Guerlain for my foundation and Emergency Disposable Red for the lipstick and application instructions) but felt like there was something missing. The shimmer on the lids wasn’t cutting it so I decided to take off the one-inch wide cat-eyed liner (I think the look is a bit dated now) and go for smokey eyes.

Even though it is a big no no according to a lot of fashionistas I figured if it was subtle enough, it could work without looking trashy.

So what did I use? My usual smokey eye arsenal is too glittery, so I decided to experiment with my Greenluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow which I’ve only used a couple of times since getting it earlier this year (all dry for day-time wear). Although its’ called Greenluxe if you use the first, third and fifth shade (minute quantities of the last one) you can create a very subtle bronze smokey eyed look which doesn’t take the focus off of your lips but gives a glamorous finish. I know the top shade looks pink in the picture, but its’ actually silver on my skin-tone (pale brown).

I used the top shade (wet) on my entire eyelid (and to line my lower lids), went on to the green (bottom most shade)  and put on one dot at the crease (powder form) and blended it in. To finish it off, I applied the center shade from the center of my eyes onto the green shade to further minimize the green’s visibility (again I used the third shade dry).Top it off with a thin non-dramatic application of eye-liner (I increased the eye-liner barely a centimeter off my eyes to elongate them and) and you’re good to go!

Although the name of the product is Greenluxe, don’t be double minded about picking it up because if you stay away from the bottom two shades, there will be nothing green about your final look 🙂 Use shades wet to create a very dramatic effect (use the glittery shades – the second and fourth one dry though even if you want an eye-catching effect!) or mix it up ( wet and dry ) to create an understated look.I have used this in the day-time with nude lips and its’ worked.

Although I had a friend get it for me earlier this year when she was visiting, it IS  available locally (hurray!) these days for only 5 dollars over the retail price (which is 40 dollars). I’ve inspected a few of the available ones, and the ones I have come across are not fake. I strongly recommend this girls, pick it up from your local chemist/ mall before they run out of stock – it is worth its’ price!

Have a makeup-full weekend ladies 🙂



Image source and order details < http://www.maccosmetics.com >


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