Summer Breakout Prevention Tip for Outdoorsy Exercisers

Working out and couldn't take your makeup off? Just don't touch the face and you'll be fine!

Working out and couldn’t take your makeup off? Just don’t touch the face and you’ll be fine!

Hello desi girls!

For those of who you who work hard to stay in shape through hiking/tennis/running etc in the outdoors in the humid-est of months (August go away already!) but don’t have time to take off your makeup after work / forget your makeup removing wipes at home, I have a tip to keep those annoying pimples away.

When you start sweating waterfalls – let it go (no pun intended 🙂 Wherever you touch your face to wipe away your sweat is where you’ll get a breakout! Guaranteed! I had no clue till my hiking buddy kindly told me the other day when I complained. So, unless you have tissue to wipe it away, keep calm and walk on (without touching your face!).

Let the sweat dry out on your ride back home (I know its’ gross but better than the pimple you’d get!) and cleanse your face before showering as soon as you get home!

Hope this helps 🙂



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