Going to be using this as body wash – Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

Steer clear of this one ladies!

buy this at your discretion ladies! It didn’t suit me 😦 

Hello desi beauties!

I’ve been using salicylic acid acne treatment for a year now but my pimple breakout cycle seems to have gotten better. I figured I should reduce its’ application  to three times a week and went on a local hunt for a replacement face-wash I hope to transition into in the coming months.

I have very sensitive skin so I generally stick to Clinique or Origins –  Origins isn’t available locally and clinique products are overpriced (at least by 10 to 15 dollars over listed prices internationally) and expired so I decided to go a little low end and aimed for the body shop. The  aloe vera foaming face wash gel cost me 18 dollars instead of 14 ( sales tax!  I do wonder why we, beauty lovers, have to pay taxes when everyone else residing in this country seems to be getting away with it!)

Anyways my advice is to steer clear of this product if you have sensitive, combination skin. It smells horrid and gave me two pimples within 2 hours of application. Also, it made my skin very oily. This was after the salesgirl insisted that this would suit my skin-type.

So sorry but this one didn’t work out for me – they really need to start handing out samples for skin-care products (facewashes;creams, toners etc) so that we don’t end up wasting money. Maybe the one I got just went stale because of improper storage  but this is the second time this is happening to me – the first time was when I got a Vitamin E Toner that ended up giving  me rashes. That I didn’t mind so much because they were not charging sales taxes on their products back then.

Anyways shop wise ladies, and makeup well meanwhile 🙂

Oh and i’m back to salicylic acid acne treatment for the time being 😛 I might try a Dermatologica outlet later this week to see if I can find something worthwhile 🙂




Picture Source and Purchase details are available here.


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