Sturdy Liners First Edition – Review of Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil


This didn’t last in the heat beauties and the color wasn’t stark enough for my liking so I use this as a brow pencil! But many of my friends (living in our lovely terrain) swear by this so buy at your discretion 🙂 I’d recommend this for day wear if you aren’t looking to make a statement! Not recommended for evening looks.

Hello pretties!

Hope you’re having a good week and are all set for the upcoming weekend! As promised last month, this is the first of my many posts on the eye-liners that last in our humid south asian summer without smudging/transferring onto our eye lids, bleeding into our eyes during the course of the day etc.

I heard great things about Estee Lauder’s Eye Pencil (Double Wear Stay in Place) from my friends so I decided to get one for myself – as mentioned, my skin (especially eye skin!) is super sensitive so I need to be really careful with what I apply over my lids ( I never apply eye-liner inside my lower lid – it doesn’t suit me but does look uhmaazing on girls who do 🙂

I wasn’t too impressed with this eye pencil especially given its price (I paid around 25 dollars but online it is listed for 22). I’ve tried drug store brands that last longer and have a starker effect than this on my eyes. This is more like the kajal I used to use back in my university days. It stays in place, no doubt, but the tone I used is not strong enough (01 black onyx) which is why this has been demoted for use as an eye brow pencil for the time being.It is however, smudge free and holds it fort  for a couple of hours (it starts disappearing from my inner eyes after a while and has transferred onto the tip of my eyebrow bone when its’ been very humid!) but is not ideal for use in humidity. Do not use the smudger (opposite tip) as it really looks uninspiring if you do.In general, I would recommend this for daywear, if you aren’t looking to make a statement – for evening wear I’d steer clear.

However, I do have friends (medium brown to wheatish complexions, residents of the same terrain as me) who swear by it and have bought replacement after replacement! So your experience may vary from mine – do try testing this if possible before making up your mind!

I hope this helps you ladies! Make up well until next time 🙂



For Image Source and Purchase Information Click here.




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