Hair Care – Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Restorative Treatment Masque Review

Strongly recommended for all  you ladies who blow dry/straighten your hair excessively -  do apply in moderate quantities though if you want to maintain volume though

Strongly recommended for all the ladies who blow dry/straighten their hair excessively – remember to apply moderately if you want to maintain volume!

Hello ladies!

This past year I haven’t done anything nice for my hair even though I blow dry and straighten it a lot (a bit of laziness coupled with a lack of time :P). I’ve been using Shu Uemura’s Silk Bloom Restorative Treatment Masque for damaged hair (with argan oil) for a crash treatment course  for a few weeks now.

I love it! It has made a VERY noticeable change in my hair in terms of the texture – do apply this in moderate quantities though as I have noticed when I apply it generously (from roots to ends), my hair is a bit flat -silky, untangled and soft but without volume (I have an inverted bob so that matters a lot to me!). The flatness may also be because of the humidity  though so more updates on that once the weather evens out 🙂 Also, I have held back on the straightening so follow this up with some additional TLC for your hair.

I paid around 70 dollars for this but it is not available locally – I strongly recommend you order this most of all because because of its’ convenience. I leave it on after shampooing for no longer than 5 minutes – for other masks by brands like Clarins that I tried a couple of years ago I had to leave it on for more than 20 minutes to get similar results.

Hope you find this useful beauties! Take care and makeup well until next time 🙂



For image source, product details and purchase information, click here.



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