Perfecting the Dollface – Clinique Even Better Concealer 05 Review

Clinique's Even Better Concealer should be a permanent fixture on your dressing table ladies! Full coverage without fail ;)

This should be a permanent fixture on your dressing table ladies! Full coverage without fail 😉 My recommendation for pale brown girls – Natural 05.

Hello beauties!

As promised many weeks ago this is the review for THE  concealer you need on standby at your dressing table – Clinique’s Even Better Concealer. Used around the eyes, it gives you the perfect dollface for an evening out thanks to its full coverage composition. I stick to this whenever I apply  Guerlain’s Invisible Fusion Skin Foundation (see my earlier post Go Glam with Guerlain for tips on application and perfecting the evening look) for formal events. It also goes well with Clinique’s Even Better foundation (see my review here) but I guess that goes without saying, they are from the same line 😉

I use 05 natural – the great thing about this range is that they have all the shades needed to complement our brown skin-tones (from pale brown to wheatish to dark). The base is white, but it works without looking tacky so don’t worry. In the day-time, this may seem a bit OTT so steer clear if you are going for the natural look and stick to Benefit’s Erase and Paste (see my review/advise for it in my ealier post Photoshop your face with Erase Paste). If the Even Better Concealer this is the only concealer you own, then apply in moderate quantities around your eyes when prep-ing for day-wear.

My only peeve with this concealer is that the texture is a bit dry so I end up rubbing/pulling my eye skin quite a bit – which is a big no no due to my fear of aging 🙂 But there is a solution -mix it up with a very little bit of your moisturizer (see my post Moisturizer Time for ideas!) to ease application/improve the texture. Oh, and feel free to use this to cover blemishes even during the daytime – if you blend it properly, you’ll look very naturally perfect 🙂 I got it from a duty free for around 30 dollars, but it is listed online for 20 dollars (annoying!). Luckily, it is locally available but you’ll have to pay  a premium (as always -_-).

That’s it for today ladies! If you’ve tried this product out and liked it/didn’t like it, do let me know 🙂

Makeup well until next time!



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4 thoughts on “Perfecting the Dollface – Clinique Even Better Concealer 05 Review

    • Ah the Benefit Boi-ing concealer sounds promising 🙂 how was your experience with it?! is it full coverage? I strongly recommend clinique’s concealer (even though its a bit dry for a cream version!) especially if you’re a fan of the even better foundation 🙂 do let me know how it goes if you decide to give this (concealer) a shot!


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