Fever Benefits – Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup Review

Benefit's Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation - This one didn't win my heart girls. Not at all. Save your money!

Benefit’s Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup – This one didn’t win my heart girls. Not at all. Save your money!

Hello beauties!

I had a pretty bad fever last week (thought it was dengue, thankfully it wasn’t)! I’m fine now but all that illness has made me paler than usual – so pale my Clinique and Guerlain foundations are a tad bit too dark for my skin. Luckily, earlier during a vacation this year a salesgirl at Sephora talked me into buying a foundation that was too light for my skintone (yeap still happens 🙂 ) The product I picked up was no other than Benefit’s Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup; The shade I was given was Beige (I’m all the rage).

Do I love it even though it matches my skin tone these days? No not really. Why? It just doesn’t give the finished look Clinique ( see my review on this link: Clown Face No Mo) or Guerlain (see my review here) does – it offers below low coverage and does no wonders for making my skin-tone look even. I would’ve been okay with it if looked natural (in a bb cream kind of way) but it doesn’t do that either. It has SPF 25 so that’s something! Apart from that I love the bottle, font and the name of the shade so it looks cute on my dressing table. Also, I just realized they don’t use the term foundation in the name – but the sales girl sold it to me as a foundation so its’ on them 😉

I will continue to  use it, because it cost quite a bit (I had to pay taxes that could not be reimbursed as I did not meet the shop’s purchase limit for tax back so it made a dent of around 45 USD in my wallet).

I will – however – only use it when going out to run a quick errand where no one I know will see me. Or for a hike 😉 I don’t sweat these days because the weather is awesome so why not 😛 hehehe. If I apply it with face powder it looks too tarty so its’ a no no for night wear too.

If you had a better experience than me with this product, do comment and let me know! otherwise I’d recommend  readers to steer clear.

Have an awesome rest of the week ladies 🙂 and makeup well meanwhile!



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Errr….Time to Reconsider that Mani Pedi Ladies -_-

Looks Pretty Yes? But at What Price?!?

Looks Pretty Yes? But at What Price?!?

The dailymail posted a cringe worthy article on the dangers of mani pedis, even at seemingly nice salons!! Do read it especially if you have any health problems (i.e. diabetes) as it could be a hand or foot saver. Some of these incidents strike too close to home – I had a pedicure at the Nirvana a few weeks ago – although I loved my the way my feet and the nail-polish looked after the session (you can read my review on OPI’s Mermaid Tears here) – I have to admit both my middle toe nails have been kind of destroyed since then. I can’t clip them because it seems the rest of my nail will come off if I do . Gulp. I’m scared of going to the doctor to get it checked out but after reading this, I think I’ll be off.

So basically apart from the money I spent on the pedi, I’ll end up spending twice to thrice the amount on the doctors’ visit. Talk about a  failed beauty investment!

Take care of your health when beautifying ladies! Vanity is so not worth hospital visits -_-

Have a great monday!

Read the article here; for the image source click here!