Blush me Pretty II – Benefit’s Coralista Review

The final oomph tool you need to finish up your blush routine (day or night). This is flattering across brown skin-tones so order without fear!

The final oomph tool you need to finish up your blush routine (day or night). This is flattering across brown skin-tones so order without fear!

Hello beauties,

My very first blog-post was on blushers and highlighters I do not leave the house without, because when all else fails, blush keeps you pretty 🙂 hehehe. (you can read my pioneering posts here and here!).I am finally concluding my series on the must-have blushers that currently dominate my dressing table with Benefit’s Coralista.

This is the very first benefit product I ever received (thank you birthday 2013). Prior to this, I was a little judgy about benefit’s rather newish status in the world of internationally renowned cosmetics as its’ pricing was (is) comparable to the higher end brands – I just found out benefit has been around for quiteee a long time but I only heard about it a 2 years ago for the first time  (I think this is when it finally made it big internationally).

I actually kept this packed and unused for about 2 months (to re-gift) before giving in and using it out of desperation (I could not find my go-to blush at the time and was in a rush to go to a dinner). Since then I’ve gone on to be a Pore-fessional fan (click here for my review) and Oxygen Wow user (click here for my review on it).

So what was it about Coralista that made me give other Benefit products a chance?

Number One, it suits my skin tone perfectly (I am pale brown) even though at first sight, it looks too pearly to show on brown skin.

Its’ great across all brown skin-tones (guaranteed!)

Number Two, it gives me the glamorous finish that I have been missing all along – I use it over the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush  for an outstanding glow. It gives a very classy, rich finish which is perfect when you need to stand out of the crowd.

Btw, during the day I will only use this once over my blush to avoid a cakey look; if I am attempting to go au naturale, I use this as blush and brush it lightly over my nose and chin to give a bit of shine/color to my face.

Number Three – I got it for free. Hahah kidding, I just had to say that because it rhymed :). Anyways jokes aside, get this for yourself. It has commendable staying power (even in the sweaty months of July) and gives you a fake healthy glow (essential for pale girls!) that will make everyone around you happy 🙂

It is available for 28 USD – I have been using mine for over a year now and expect it to last for at least another 6 months (for a total of 18 months). I use it at least once everyday so there we go we end up with a real third reason – value for money!

Locally, only the fake version is available for full price so do not bother picking it up. Order it online or ask a friend or relative visiting to bring (or gift 🙂 ) it to you!

Have a blushy monday ladies! Makeup well until next time 🙂



 For Image Source, further Product and Purchase details, click here.


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