Glam Hands with L’OCCITANE – Shea Butter, Verveine Cooling Hand Cream Gel and Rose 4 Reines Velvet Hand Cream Review

Which one Which one?! Too many LOCCITANE Hand Creams to try and too little time :)

Which one Which one?! Too many LOCCITANE Hand Creams to try and too little time 🙂


Hello beauties!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a glam week 🙂 Winter is handing over its’ last, but worst, spelL and my hands have taken the hit pretty badly this season.I usually rely on left-over face moisturizer for beautifying my hands, but I guess once one crosses 25, more investment is needed to ensure wrinkle-free hands 😛 The best hand-creams on the market, are without a doubt, L’OCCITANE. At around 28 USD (online price) for a full size, the brand certainly delivers value for money ( if that is out of budget for you, pick up their travel sized ones for around 12 USD a piece!) So here goes my first bulk review 🙂

I’d heard a few friends going gaga over L’OCCITANE but wasn’t too sure what the fuss was all about as it isn’t available locally so I never had any  first hand exposure (pun intended!). Luckily, my first L’OCCITANE experience was sponsored by a lovely house-guest from Canada who got me a full sized Shea Butter Hand Cream. It smells like all the other Shea Butter products I’ve used i.e. Body Shop but the texture is really very fine and buttery. I’m usually not a fan of thick body/hand creams but once you massage it into your skin, its’ not sticky at all and holds its’ fort for 6+ hours (and moderate water exposure!). Yeap I have really dry skin 😛 The tube I received was quite huge so I ended up using it as a body cream too – See, great value for money! It worked awesome on both accounts, even in the depth of winter when a lot of body lotions provide only superficial moisturization.

Unfortunately, I lost the lid ( somewhere under my bed). I’m still using it, but now there is a lot of wastage as I need to drain out the cream at the edge of the tube before application. I would love to see a beauty doing a tutorial on preserving creams in tubes when lids are lost 😛

Last month, I was also lucky to receive another two hand creams in travel size (30 ml) from my sister (Fine, I may have emotionally blackmailed her into handing them over in return for a Sephora eye palette I handed over to her a few months ago 😛 hehehehe). My acquisition included Rose 4 Reines Velvet Hand Cream and Verveine Cooling Hand Cream Gel.

I absolutely adore the translucent Verveine – the scent is so calming, I spend most of my time after application inhaling the scent deeply 😛 The tube I have isn’t so huge so I have only been able to double its’ use as a footcream – the full-size is on my wish-list whenever they start production on that :P. It is sort of watery when you apply it (goes without saying, its a gel :P) but gets absorbed very quickly, leaving behind an invisible film-y feathery finish – that’s a mouthful of a description but hope it gets my point across well-enough!

The Rose 4 Reines is equally good – it has a thicker consistency than Verveine but less than Shea. I was equally happy with its’ holding power and finish (it has a very, very lasting softening effect). However, I am a sucker for scent, and in my part of the world roses are a little common-place so I’m not bowled over by it. But what I do to make up for this is apply rose on the palm and verveine on the front part of the hand (is there a word for that?!?). The two mix together for the best scent ever 😛 hehehehe.

Anyways you have to try these out if you haven’t already lovelies! They will make a hand-cream addict out of you I promise 🙂 Its’ not available locally yet so order online / tell a friend/relative to pick it up for you when they’re visiting home next 🙂

Thats it for now! Until next time, make-up (and hand-cream up 🙂 well!

Lots of Love,


For the Shea Butter Hand Cream Image Source and Purchase Details click here; for the Rose 4 Reines Velvet Hand Cream Image Source and Order Details click here; for the Verveine Cooling Hand Cream Gel Image and Purchase Details click here.







Casper and the “Own Your BedHead” Project – Banishing Tangles Every Day!

Unfortunately, we don't look as cute as angry cat does when we wake up. But we can make up for it with a good nights sleep thanks to an awesome mattress (Casper), peace of mind (yoga) and some low maintenance hair-care (Shu Uemura)

Unfortunately, most of us don’t look as cute as angry cat does when we wake up! But we can at least try to avoid crazy hair with a good nights sleep on an awesome mattress (Casper), some peace of mind (yoga) and low maintenance hair-care (Shu Uemura)

Hello Lovelies!

I was on a short break from blogging due to a crazy crazy work schedule 🙂 but I am so excited to be back and am looking forward to sharing all my newly found beauty products and tips with you in the coming weeks 🙂

I am ending my sabbatical by participating in Casper’s Own Your BedHead Project – Yay!

Face and hair-care happens first thing in the morning for me (no questions asked). The first task of the day is to wash my face, second task is to do a run on my three dressing tables 😛 (I love my new room!) I need three because one’s for skin-care; one is for makeup and one is for hair/nails/ body-care. My visit to the last station is usually pretty simple – I tame my hair with a good ol’ hair-brush. If I have an important meeting, I’ll use a hair straightener to sort out the ends. I have slightly wavy hair but a lot of volume so if I don’t get a good night’s sleep (and thus move around) I get tangles that make me cry. Sometimes, if I’m not in the mood for too much pain first thing in the morning I just tie it all up into a pony tail :P. However, over the past few months I’ve figured out a bed-time routine that limits tear- inducing tangles – its’ pretty simple so I hope you can follow it too 🙂

1. Yoga

Stress = Bedhead.

So to beat the stress I’ve picked up a 5 minute yoga bed-time routine (you need a queen sized bed for this though!) that helps me sleep like a baby and wakes me up in more or less the same position that I fall asleep in. Click here to see some of the postures I use. Just google/you-tube bed-time yoga and find something that suits you – take it easy though if you are a beginner and opt for simple stretches or a proper yoga class. Alternatively, if you have been yoga-ing for a while (like me 🙂 make your own sequence!

2. Hair-care

Strongly recommended for all  you ladies who blow dry/straighten your hair excessively or want to wake up without tangles - do apply in moderate quantities though if you want to maintain volume!

Strongly recommended for all you ladies who blow dry/straighten your hair excessively or want to wake up without tangles – do apply in moderate quantities though if you want to maintain volume!

Dry/ Damaged Hair = Bedhead

I’ve noticed my hair is silky smooth and doesn’t even need to be combed first thing in the morning if I have applied a hair-mask. For ensuring settled locks in the morning check out my review on Shu Uemura’s Silk Bloom Restorative Treatment for Damaged Hair here. This is a bit pricey though, so if you’re on a budget even a Schwarzkopf product will do! Results last until the next hair-wash 🙂 I call this routine low maintenance in terms of time – you barely need to keep hair-mask on towel-dried hair for a minute before washing it off to get immediate results.

3. Invest in a good quality mattress 

Good Mattress = Good Night's Sleep and No Bed Head :)

Good Mattress = Good Night’s Sleep and No Bed Head 🙂

Uncomfortable mattress = Bedhead. This is a deal breaker when it comes to a good night’s sleep! Bad mattress, no sleepy time 🙂 Its’ a low turnover product so I suggest dishing out as much as you can afford – in our house, we have mattresses that have been around for 20 years. Yeap! As long as you protect them properly when they aren’t being used regularly (i.e. in a plastic cover or a weather-proof box) yours should last this long too. Do sun mattresses out every month or so when in use! It keeps dust-mites away – which is essential if you allergies like me 😛

I strongly suggest Casper’s  mattresses. No, its’ not because they involved me in their bedhead project 😛 But it looks like a bed to be honest, so you could save up on buying the frame and buy yourself some cosmetics instead. I like the modern look and it is low-maintenance (if you move around a lot you can easily squeeze this into a box and pop it out in your new home). Starting at around  500 USD – its definitely good value for money. Oh and its’ not made in China. So you can introduce some variety to the source of goods you have in the house 😛 heheheh. With a 10 year warranty, there doesn’t seem to be anything to complain about here!

Anyways thats it for now ladies. Have a wonderful week and Valentines day :). I will be back next week with some face powder reviews!



For the Casper Mattress Image Source click here. Fo the bed-headed kitty kat image source click here. For my post on Shu Uemura, including image source, click here