Tried and Tested Extravagance! Givenchy Parad’ Eyes Fluid Eye Liner Review

I adore the bottle and the extravagant color payoff!

I adore the bottle and the extravagant color payoff!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re enjoying the changing weather as much as I am 🙂 As promised many months ago, I will delve deep into my dressing tables to give you the best and worst of the designer eyeliners I’ve tried!

I bought the Givenchy Parad’ Eyes Fluid Liner (#1 Dream in Black) a year and a half ago during an eye allergy. I wanted to change up my routine a bit, as I had been using using Clinique’s liquid liner since 2007!! As it turns out, I had to go back to Clinique ( and continue to use it this day :P)

Why? While the texture of Givenchy’s eye liner is fine and application was commendable – for instance I could make veryyy thin lines for day wear or the dramatic winged look for evening outings it did not stay on for long enough. After about 2 to 3 hours of application it would start coming off from the inner corners of my eyes. I did use this over primer, concealer and at times eyeshadows. However, I have combination skin so that may have contributed to the problem! Also, I had an eye allergy so bear in mind my eyes were probably more watery than the average eye. Nevertheless, Clinique and even drugstore brands that I tried (l’oreal) worked fine during this time.

However, this eyeliner gives one of the most dramatic color payoffs I have seen in black liners so it is perfect for the smokey eyed look! Just make sure you do not accidentally allow it to bleed into your eye when applying- it will burnnnn and you will have to redo your eyes from scratch!

For a price of 31 USD, I did not repurchase it because of the above reasons. But I absolutely adore the liner’s bottle and have kept it on my dressing table since 🙂 So try this at the makeup counter before purchase beauties –  if it doesn’t irritate your eyes, I would strongly recommend you purchase this product (Yeap, big Givenchy fan here  🙂

Have you tried this? If yes, let me know if your experience varied! This is not available locally lovelies, so if you are curious, ring in a favor from an overseas relative/friend or pick it up on your next vacation 🙂 You can find it at Sephora, but stock is limited so hurry!

Until next time, make up well beauties!

Lots of love,


For image source click here; for purchase and further product details click here.


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