My Favorite Mistake – Diorskin Nude Air Serum Review


The much talked about Nude Air Serum finally became mine! Read on to see if I'm rebuying it :)

The much talked about Nude Air Serum finally became mine! Read on to see if I’m rebuying it 🙂

Hi Lovelies!

My inability to refrain myself from spending money on makeup I don’t really need has led me to quite a few fun purchases over the past months 🙂 I’ve already started reviewing the Kiehls products and hope you’ve found them useful! I’m moving onto the rest this week onwards as I am in a position to comment on them authoritatively :P.

Although my Clinique has been a go-to foundation for over 6 years now, I picked up Dior’s Nude Air serum because a little change in one’s regular look is a must every now and then 🙂 I was in a rush so relied on the salesgirl completely to make the right recommendation for my skin tone.

She selected medium beige.

Unfortunately it did not turn out to be a right match for my undertone (yellow). But I do have a tricky complexion (pale wheatish) and this isn’t the first time this has happened to me so whatever.

This gives my face a geisha-ish effect which I do not like. To make the foundation more presentable I need to apply a lot of it on my neck and collarbones so that the contrast with my original skin tone is not so stark. Kudos is due to Dior here though because once I’m done blending my skin does not look grey or fakely white! If I wasn’t an “unfair” complexion promoter, I wouldve loved this 😛

In general, I’m upset about this because I don’t want to be wasting a relatively expensive product ( I had to pay around 60 USD for 1 oz) on body shading!

All this aside, Dior has still made an impression. The finish is very porcelain dollish. Coverage is definitely full and I do not need concealer to hide my blemish marks. Initially the watery texture was a turnoff but I got used to it. Also, true to its’ name it IS so light on the skin, it feels like I’m walking around with no foundation on. It definitely holds it fort (even in the heat) until makeup removal at the end of the day. I did however use a primer so don’t forget to do that! Also, it is commendable that it suited my combination skin type without causing breakouts given its’ serumy qualities 😛

I like its’ smell a lot too – it says I’m rich very loudly 😛 hehehhe. Also, because of the texture, you need apply a very small amount on your face. If I didn’t have to waste this on my neck etc, this would easily last 18 months. Finally, one of its’ biggest pros is that it gives a contoured finish to the face just like Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau ( I’ve reviewed it here). Perfect for the busy ladies!

I’m not a big fan of the vial, it looks like my Kiehls skin tone corrector’s long last sister. If presentation was a bit more outstanding in line with Dior’s design philosophy, I would’ve proudly displayed it on the table for as long as I lived 😛

So in short, I would love this, had  I gotten the right shade. But because I didn’t, I won’t be buying it again :/

I’m so glad I got to post today. Yay! Next up, Kiehls 😉

Until then, makeup well beauties!



For image source, product purchase and other details click here.



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