Vintage Vanity – Lancome Color Fan Eye Shadow Palette Review

One of my very first high end makeup kits - got me hooked from the word go!

One of my very first high end makeup kits – got me hooked from the word go!

Hi lovelies!

You may have figured I’m a fan of Lancome skincare by now! Interestingly, I was introduced to the company through its’ makeup range. I got the Lancome color fan palette for my birthday way back in 2010.

This was one of my first very first high end makeup kits so I hold it very close to my heart. Literally. I still have it 😛

It turned out to be one of those rare eyeshadow powder palettes that you could pick up 10 years from today and find it wearable! The color selection is great – it has all the shades that you need to dress  your face up or (down) at any time of the day 🙂

Th shadows have great pigmentation and and never creased. I used this without a primer and it stayed in place until I took it off even in the sweaty months of july! The look is slightly shimmery, but it is subtle enough to be worn during the daytime. The purple and filigree (top right) were my favorite – I even repurchased filigree separately for a comparatively hefty price of 20 USD three years ago! You can cake filigree on for the smokey eyed look, apply it with a thin liner brush for highlighting your inner lids/lower lash line or put one layer over your lids for work to give yourself a fresh look. If you’re feeling adventurous, put filigree on the inner lid and blend the purple in to cover your entire lid. It looks very high fashion 😉

I didn’t get to use the other four shades much. There was absolutely no quality issue, it was just that the baby pink, green, blue were too light to be distinguishable on my skin tone. They all come across whitish so I used them for brow highlighting and face contouring. The brown on the other hand wasn’t dark enough to be used for smokey eyes and just gave me a sickish look 😛 If you are fair skinned though, you don’t need to worry about it and feel free to buy this with your eyes closed!

Despite a few shortcoming, I was (and still am) a fan of this palette. Its’ great value for money (right now it is listed for 50 USD), is packaged so adorably and the velvet pouch it comes with gives it the additional oomph factor 🙂 I truly hope Lancome relaunches this with vibrant colors replacing the light tones for brown girls in the coming years!

You can order this online (its on sale almost everywhere!) for 20 USD. The only reason I hesitate repurchasing it is because it is not available on sephora or the other more reliable beauty suppliers so I am wondering if they are fake or expired! If you live in a part of the world where returns aren’t an issue though, you should definitely get this 🙂

That’s it for now lovelies!  Next week, I’ll be back with a Kiehls product review from my latest makeup hoarding session 🙂 See you then!

Lots of Love,


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Let’s go smokey! MAC Greenluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Review

Use the top three for a non-greeny look if you aren't in the mood! Apply wet for a dramatic effect or dry for day-wear. At 40 dollars, this

MAC’s Greenluxe – use the top three shades for a non-greeny look if you aren’t in the mood! Apply wet for a dramatic effect or dry for day-wear. At 40 dollars, this one should definitely be re-buy desi girls!

Hello beautiful ladies!

Had a crazy week so couldn’t post earlier but so glad I have an hour to myself to do this today! I had a wedding to attend this week and as usual wanted to wear my red lippie. I tried cat-eyes with the usual evening wear/party war paint ( See Blush me Pretty for the blush I used, Shady Brands be Fine cause they got the Shine? for my countouring tools, Go Glam with Guerlain for my foundation and Emergency Disposable Red for the lipstick and application instructions) but felt like there was something missing. The shimmer on the lids wasn’t cutting it so I decided to take off the one-inch wide cat-eyed liner (I think the look is a bit dated now) and go for smokey eyes.

Even though it is a big no no according to a lot of fashionistas I figured if it was subtle enough, it could work without looking trashy.

So what did I use? My usual smokey eye arsenal is too glittery, so I decided to experiment with my Greenluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow which I’ve only used a couple of times since getting it earlier this year (all dry for day-time wear). Although its’ called Greenluxe if you use the first, third and fifth shade (minute quantities of the last one) you can create a very subtle bronze smokey eyed look which doesn’t take the focus off of your lips but gives a glamorous finish. I know the top shade looks pink in the picture, but its’ actually silver on my skin-tone (pale brown).

I used the top shade (wet) on my entire eyelid (and to line my lower lids), went on to the green (bottom most shade)  and put on one dot at the crease (powder form) and blended it in. To finish it off, I applied the center shade from the center of my eyes onto the green shade to further minimize the green’s visibility (again I used the third shade dry).Top it off with a thin non-dramatic application of eye-liner (I increased the eye-liner barely a centimeter off my eyes to elongate them and) and you’re good to go!

Although the name of the product is Greenluxe, don’t be double minded about picking it up because if you stay away from the bottom two shades, there will be nothing green about your final look 🙂 Use shades wet to create a very dramatic effect (use the glittery shades – the second and fourth one dry though even if you want an eye-catching effect!) or mix it up ( wet and dry ) to create an understated look.I have used this in the day-time with nude lips and its’ worked.

Although I had a friend get it for me earlier this year when she was visiting, it IS  available locally (hurray!) these days for only 5 dollars over the retail price (which is 40 dollars). I’ve inspected a few of the available ones, and the ones I have come across are not fake. I strongly recommend this girls, pick it up from your local chemist/ mall before they run out of stock – it is worth its’ price!

Have a makeup-full weekend ladies 🙂



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Chanel Away – Les 4 Ombre Quadra Eyeshadow Review

At 61 dollars this kit can be used multipurposely (countouring/blush ;) but is more suitable for its' intended use (on the eyes) on fair skinned girls.

At 61 dollars this kit can be used multipurposely (contouring/blush 😉 but is more suitable for its’ intended use (on the eyes) on fair skinned girls. The model’s eyebrows are phenomenal though aren’t they?  I’d like to know what they put there!

Hi Girls!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a chanel eyeshadow set during a vacation last year (had been dying to get one for a while!) 🙂  I love the compact case its very classy and its still a permanent fixture in the makeup bag I keep in my purse! I own Les 4 Ombres 81 Beige Velours.

I don’t use it that often though (which is why it is almost new but the color blocks are a  little damaged to my insistence on using it wet :P). Why? I picked it up in a bit of a rush – what the girl at the makeup counter did with it on my eyes looked very good in the light at the duty free. But when I came home and tried to work with the colors the effect wasn’t too inspiring – although its’ not supposed to be used wet, if you want the base colors to actually pop on your brown skin-tone (I’m talking about the pale-brown spectrum onwards) you need to use it wet.

You will damage the color block you use wet though, so be prepared for the beautiful kit to get slightly ugly if you do this!

Application for Dummies

The two colors I use are the rose and the deep brown (both are on the bottom second row). Apply the rose dry first ( in large quantities) – contour with the deep brown (upper end of your eyes) and then wet your applicator and rub it all over the rose block (its’ actually a circle but youknowaheyesayin :P) and re-apply it on your eyes (from the inner end to the center). If you use it dry, it barely looks like you’ve put anything on so I strongly suggest using it wet.

Use the white block (top right) to highlight (underneath your eyebrows) –  it doesn’t bear a very visible effect though, especially if you’ve applied foundation/concealer on your eyes for a base. I don’t recommend using the beige or white block in the top row for either highlighting,  base or for contouring – its’ practically invisible on our skin-tones. In my case when I tried to use the white block as a base shadow on my eye-lids (I love white-tinge eyeshadows because they make my brown eyes pop) it just blended in with my concealer. In general, the smokey eyed look I get with this kit is not fresh; it’s more of an adam’s family gloomy finish.

However, This kit can be used multipurposely! I use the top two blocks (white and beige) for contouring my face in lieu of my bobbie brown shimmer brick for evening outings at times or over my blush to glam up my look – try it and see for yourself!


This one is, in my opinion, can be missed by by desi girls (brown skinned girls) possessing skin-tones in the pale brown spectrum onwards. Unless you’re buying it just to show off ;). As a pale brownie I need to apply copious amounts and it still doesn’t show.

But if you like the insanely-naturale look ( or are fair-skinned), go for it – you know what, even if you’re brown, give it a shot.  Who knows, it might actually work for you! Just take your time to make the decision 🙂

I’d also add that the deep brown is good for contouring and really blends in naturally with minimal effort. Also,  when used wet, the rose is a winner.

I paid around 70 dollars for my kit at the time but its’ available online for 61 dollars so make your call ladies! It is available in Pakistan but you won’t be able to try it before you buy it – they’ll let you put a slight dot from the shades in a packed kit (which they will sell to another customer) onto your hands but it won’t be enough for you to be sure it suits you.

That’s it from me for the time being – have a great weekend and makeup well meanwhile 🙂



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Meanie Greenie Wednesday- Shiseido Cream Eye Color (patina) to the Rescue!

Add a little oomph to your daily face ladies - all you need is your pinkie and the smokey eyed effect is all yours :) great for our skin tones for daytime or evening wear.

Add a little oomph to your frazzled mid-week face ladies – all you need is your pinkie for application and the smokey eyed effect is all yours thanks to Shiseido 🙂 great for our skin tones (wheatish to pale-brown) for daytime or evening wear.

Hello vain meanies 🙂

It’s Wednesday, officially the worst day of the week. Deadlines, more deadlines, and another deadline. But even when everything is out of control (including your temper), the one thing you can control is how good you look. So don’t let your frazzled nerves beam out of your lovely face and add a little oomph factor to your eyes to take people’s focus off your scowl.

Don’t be shy about going formal faced for work every now and then (by this I mean adding a red lippie or cat eyes or eye-shadow – never any of these together 😛 ). Doesn’t hurt too look exceptionally good once in a while 🙂 hehehhe

Although wearing eye-shadow during the day-time is always tricky, remember it is kosher if you’re having a bad day, if you’re meeting the ladies for lunch or even attending a snazzy conference (at a five star hotel).

So whats the recommendation for the day? Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color: Patina.

Say whaaa? Green? Shimmer? Day time? Cue clown face alert.

Nopes, no clown-face here! Its’ not your average green toned eyeshadow – its’ a stand-alone subtle smokey – eye tool with a green undertone. Despite its’ shimmer,  it looks understated because the color kind of blends in with our skin-tones (good for wheat-ish to pale-brown complexions). You can apply it with your pinkie in restrained quantities for day-time use. Go easy on the blush and keep your lipstick nude. Steer clear of the mascara  and apply a very thinly line of kohl to complete the look.

It has good staying power and does not melt, even if you are out and about on a hot day. Mine lasts around 6 to 8 hours – it does however fade (which is something I’m not too happy about given its’ price). Just remember to apply primer, or foundation on your eyes before application to make sure it stays (go see my post Clown Face No Mo if you don’t want to dish out on a primer).

For evening wear, go all out. Apply two layers with your pinkie to accentuate the smokey- eyed effect. Put on a pink/coral blusher ( See my previous posts, Blush Me Pretty and Shady Brands be Fine cause they got the Shine? for directions on this :). Top it off with cat-eyes and make it thick. I’d recommend a nude lipstick for a classy look but even when this shadow is caked on, it doesn’t look OTT so you could use a red lippie if you’re in the mood.

I haven’t seen this here locally yet but go online to the link below and order one today. At 25 dollars its’ a good buy – not a great one as I am not too impressed by its’ longevity. But then again, it might be my skin-type (combination) that reduces its’ staying power. If its’ price is not an issue for you- definitely get it. If your budget is tight – skip!

I hope you enjoy your meanie greenie wednesday ladies 🙂 be nice!



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