My Hair and I with Madison Reed

Madison Reed’s pick for me! Go to their website to see their pick for you 🙂

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the weekend 🙂 Today I’m participating in Madison Reed’s what my #haircolor says about me tag. Yay! Madison Reed is a top of the line hair dye company that creates healthy dyes with a significant proportion of natural ingredients 🙂

I was born with jet black hair – since I crossed my mid-twenties I have been inflicted by a few whites in the crown which I regularly snip away every 2 or 3 months because the thought of another beauty commitment really scares me 😛 While that’s working for the time being, I do accept that in a year or so, this will no longer be a viable option as their quantity will increase. When that time comes, I hope to have access to a brand that won’t damage my hair and will not cause me allergic reactions as my skin is really sensitive.

So what will I be dying my hair once that time comes? Black! I am a strong believer in hair color that you are born with being the optimal one for you as nature knows best 🙂  Secondly,my hair color embodies key personality traits that I’m afraid would wither away if I changed the color. I am driven, stubborn at times when it comes to doing what I want to do and I do not take nonsense from people. Doesn’t dark hair suit this persona wonderfully 😛 also I’m a fan of the au naturale look, so I would like to continue faking the effortlessly well-maintained facade that I regularly purport on this blog 😛

But I do need to highlight that sometimes, a drastic hair dye can change your look for the better. To the extent that there is no going back to what nature chose for you!  Look how the right hair dye job changed Calvin Harris from unnoticeable nerd to hunk 😛

Yeap this is what a good dye job can do for you :)

Yeap this is what a good dye job can do for you 🙂

So when my need for a hair dye can no longer be avoided, what brand will I be using?  Madison Reed. Why? Their products contain a triple care complex that is comprised of ginseng root, argain oil and keratin. I’m a sucker for anything natural so they had me at that 😛 Oh, and because of  skin, and by default scalp, sensitivity,  their committment to the exclusion of harsh chemicals found in the regular dyes is another reason.

I will be using Positano Black – 3 NNA which is predominantly black with hints of brown 🙂 This is Madison Reed’s personalized pick for me based on their online expert recommendations. It barely takes a minute to fill out a short questionnaire to find something that suits your particular needs. You can even chat with their Color Crew if you like!

I’m recommending this brand to my mom, because she cannot use ammonia based dyes (it causes her allergic reactions). She currently relies on natural dyes like hennae, which work, but don’t look great. So, you can imagine how excited she is about this 🙂

At around 25 dollars, this is a steal given that it comes with a 9 piece color kit that promises a salon finish at home 🙂  Oh and they have a deal for about 20 USD for a continuous color plan going on. This includes access to a professional colorist and free cancelation so don’t miss out 🙂 You can also get 15 USD to your credit if you recommend a friend who buys their product. Get 2 friends to buy their products and yours is free. Wohoo!

So stop reading this post,  get on their website to figure out the right color for yourself and start ordering! Let me know how your experience with this dye is 🙂  I almost can’t wait for more whites to show up so that I can finally start using this!

Until next time, make, and dye up well ladies 🙂