The Palette Inquisition – The Balm’s Balm Voyage Holiday Face Palette Review

This palette has all the check-me-out shades you need this spring!

This palette has all the check-me-out shades you need this spring!

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my first-ever palette post courtesy The Balm! On a recent trip I picked this up on sale at a drugstore for an equivalent of 40 USD (originally listed for 60 USD at the store). Online it is available for 42 USD so it really wasn’t such a great bargain but I would’ve ended up spending 20 extra on this otherwise so I’m happy with the price I got!

The mix of colors on this palette is perfect – it has the right springy fun tones, all the neutrals and darks that promise to be your one-stop-shop for all types of day and night eye-makeup! In addition to 16 eyeshadows I also got 3 lip and cheek stains 🙂

I swatched it at the store and since I didn’t have the luxury of taking my sweet time to make a decision, I decided to purchase it, as the three eyeshadows I needed (torquise B-2 , white C-1 and dull gold D-3) were all available and the intensity of the colors seemed sufficient. Also, the cutesy package reminded me of benefit’s products so that was a key deciding factor!

Isn't it adorable?!

Isn’t it adorable?!


Unfortunately, once I got down to using the product (eyeshadows) I was disappointed. The colors for the majority of the set are indeed vibrant and can be built up, but the staying power is below fair. In my case, despite zero humidity, patches started forming within an hour and a half of application. I do have combination skin so that maybe a reason! Secondly, I did not use primer, but a concealer as a base. However, I never use primers on my lids and eyeshadows (lancome, chanel) hold their fort decently.

The lipstains are adorable, but again too dry for my liking. On the lips, they sink into the cracks (even if my pout is hydrated!) and looks unsightly. If I top it off with gloss it works. On the cheeks, again its too dry and I do not enjoy rubbing it mercilessly on my skin. However, the color is very strong so if that is what you are looking for, it makes sense to go for this. Also, it would’ve been great if they mixed some neutrals in with the reds and coral as all 3 stains give off very stark tones. Or perhaps they assume buyers would build up color as per their need but a pink tone would’ve been great regardless.

Overall, this palette did not suit me so I am on the hunt for a replacement! I think I may end up getting UD’s Vice – its a safe bet and is only 20 USD more than this product,. As for this, I have swatched it so I can’t give it away to someone else 😦  Guess this remains a decorative item on my dressing table along with a few other cutesy pieces 🙂

Oh, do bear in mind that this was my experience in the product, based on my skin-type and personal preferences. Your experience maybe completely different so do give it a shot, who knows it might work wonderfully for you!

That’s it for today ladies 🙂 Have a wonderful week and make-up well until next time!



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