Glamming up Winter with Julep Nail-Care and Color


Glam up your winter look and stand out from the crowd with Julep’s exclusive nail-care and polish range 🙂 This is Rosa Amethyst from their birth-stone collection – currently at the top of my Julep wish-list!


Hello Ladies!

I had a pretty bad experience at a Spa during my last pedi (you can see my post here for a walk down memory lane but, thankfully my toe-nails are a OK now 🙂 ) I am, however, laying off spa mani/pedis for a few months and  learning how to ‘self mani and pedi-cate’  to make sure I look groomed during this difficult time!

Julep has come up with an awesome, easy-to-follow guide for winterizing nails and prepping them for nail color application which I am sharing you with you beauties below- all the products they have listed can be ordered on-line here. Don’t get carried away though, I know you’ll be wanting to get everything on the page 🙂 If you’re a beginner like me when it comes to doing your own mani/pedis, I’d say get your hands on the cuticle softener  and remover (18 USD but you only need to use minute quantities so it is good value for money) , cuticle pusher and buff. They are very easy to use and promise a salon-like finish to your nails.

You can stock up on the rest of the available items as your budget permits 🙂

Easy to follow step-by step guide for the busy bodies

A few months ago I received a Julep nail-polish (Kendra IT girl – 8 ml) from my friend  (alongwith a bunch of other things) for my birthday ( I love my friends, they know exactly what makes me happy :P) hehehe. I’m not a big fan of the color  as I am into pastels as of August this year but I cannot complain about anything else. I loved the bottle – it is different compared all the OPI and Essies I have so it looks totally adorable on my dressing table 🙂

Apart from that the texture of the nail-polish is different compared to what I am used to. It is more fluid and even-toned in terms of application. I can darken or lighten the shade depending on the occasion and my mood and don’t need to apply and reapply coats to get an even look on both hands.

It holds its’ fort long enough – I wash my hands a lot but its’ lasted a day without chipping (most manis I get show wear and tear within 48 hours). I did apply a top coat though so don’t forget to do that! I’ll keep you posted on its’ longevity and update this post if I have any complaints.

Finally, what won me over is that it contains oxygen technology that lets nails breathe and antioxidants from pure green coffee extract. This basically means you don’t have to worry about discolored or weakened/broken nails if you are one of those girls who can’t remember the last time they went au naturale on their hands. So you get nail beauty and care all-in-one 🙂 Perfect for busy beauties 😉

I recommend Julep nail-polishes very strongly as they are great value for money at 14 USD (don’t worry I checked the price online, didn’t ask my friend :P). I  will definitely be adding more of them to my nailpolish collection albeit in colors that I like. From their winter range, I have my eyes set on Kiki ( for use on the weekend and casual hangouts) and Shari (for office-wear). Those of you who are into the dark-nailed look this season will find your match in Sawyer and Ilsa.

Julep has something for everyone in their winter colors - I have my eyes set on Shari and Kiki; those of you who are into darker tones will find yourself in love with Sawyer and Ilsa!

Julep has something for everyone in their winter nail-color range – I have my eyes set on Shari and Kiki; those of you who are into darker tones this season will find yourself in love with Sawyer and Ilsa!

But what I am totally in love with is their birth-stone collection. I  plan on getting my hands on Rosa- Amethyst (made for Aquarians like me :)) in the coming months because glittery nails look A-W-E-S-O-M-E in the dreariness of winter (especially during night-time events) – if you have any doubts see the cover photo for this post 🙂

Unfortunately, Julep is not available locally, but you can order it online  or ask friends and family visiting over the winter to bring it for you (I’ve started making my requests aleady ;). You do not have to worry about whether or not a nail-polish will suit your skin-tone, they have swatches on their website that show how each color will look on darker skin-tones (yay!).

Thats it for now ladies, if you have any questions, feel free to comment or inbox me. Until next time, take care and make-up well  🙂



For Image Source click here; For access to Julep’s nail-care range and order details click here; For access to Julep’s nail-color range and order details click here. The winterization guide and swatches for winter nail trends were developed and shared directly with WBVANITY by Julep.


Waving August Good-bye with Mermaid’s Tears – OPI Nail Lacquer Review


I've been a little late catching up with this trend but I'm glad I didn't write it off pastel nail-polishes completely without giving it a try this season! Desi girls, pick up Mermaid's tears or go for a pedi to 'fun' up your usual look :)

I’ve been a little late catching up with this trend but I’m glad I didn’t write off pastel nail-polishes completely without giving it a try this season! Desi girls, pick up Mermaid’s tears or go for a pedi to ‘fun’ up your usual look 🙂

Hello girls!

I was at Nirvana in the Marriott  today and decided to pamper myself with a pedi for having worked so hard these past few months. I initially picked out the usual suspects (OPI and ESSIE reds and pinks) but decided to try out a pastel for a change at the last minute – everyone’s been wearing pastel nail-polishes (in yellows, lilacs, blues and pinks) this season in Pakistan. Even though I haven’t been too much of a fan of the look ( I judged it to be a tad bit juvenile!) I decided to be brave and give it a shot 🙂

I picked out Mermaid’s Tears and woah am I glad I did! It looks uhmaazinggg on my feet -I laid off having it applied on my hands because fun colors like that can look a little unprofessional –  on the feet at least you can wear closed shoes/flats and hide it if you need to look serious 🙂

Whats fun about this tone of green is that you can wear it with any colored sandals (from classy navy ones to neon desi pink) and have it work very well- the skin-tone on my feet is paler than my face but I’ve seen dark skinned girls carrying it off and they look great!

A lot of how good it looks has to do with the application ofcourse, but I’m thinking this was a great way to say good-bye to August. Will definitely be buying this and using it again for a splash of color in the winter 🙂

Available locally at your drugstores for around 12 dollars – lay off the ones that cost 5 dollars because they are thai fakes! Alternatively, if you want to experiment first (like I did!) get a pedi for 12 dollars 🙂

Have a great Tuesday ladies and make-up/and polish 😉 well! heheheheh



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