Designer Makeup Pouch Drool List


Just because! We have Celine (hot pink) taking the lead at almost 600 USD;  LV (monogrammed) going around 500 USD, followed by D&G (Roses) at 380 USD and Fendi (Owl) at 350 USD.

Which one’s your fave? Would you buy/save up for these?

I personally love the D&G. Will I save to get it? Probably not.

I think some of the makeup pouches we get for free with random cosmetics purchases are equally pretty and functional (will show you some of my favorites in the next post!). I don’t know about you girls, but I keep having makeup accidents – I’d be absolutely devastated if my eyeliner were to leak into one of these designer pouches!

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Summer Body Cream Extravaganza with Wildfox!

wildfoxI’m a bit of a penny pincher when it comes to spending on body creams because the turnover is so high! But with summer already here, Wildfox’s body cream frosting has me thinking twice 🙂 To me, its value comes from the visible change in the skin’s texture – if you apply it on one arm and use regular body lotion on the other one, the one with Wildfox shines like a star (its not glittery; it just gives the skin a really nice glow). The scent feels a bit old school but is not really dominating so it isn’t a deal-breaker.

Overall,  I’d definitely spend on this for use in the summer! Its already out of stock in Sephora (its definitely this season’s must-have 🙂 ) but if you’re quick, you’ll can find it at other mid/high end cosmetics carriers for around 55 USD. I’ve pasted some links below if you’re interested.

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Luxury or Drugstore Blush?! THE ANSWER!!!


Hi lovelies!

Yesterday I asked whether you thought this was a high end blush or a drug store brand – some of you guessed that it was luxury! Well I have good news, its a drug store brand, called Milani and is available for EIGHT DOLLARS!!!! Grab this quick, I personally prefer this over Gucci’s ladybug blush!

In case you’re looking for the order link here it is –

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Louboutin does Lip Lacquer!



So should Christian Louboutin just stick to shoes or has the company hit the mark with these lip lacquers? I think its a hit – the bottles are pure class and give me a mermaidy-sea-ish vibe. The nude tones are also a nice change from the regular color palette! These will set you back about 90 USD though 🙂 let me know if you would pick this up or give it a miss!



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Affordable Luxury – Gucci Ladybug Blush

eScreen Shot 2017-05-08 at 1.46.43 PM

Eeek! Saks Fifth Avenue just released this picture of the new Gucci blush and I am wanting it!

Priced at 53 USD its affordable luxury 🙂 get your hands on this quick, its limited edition!

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# FragranceDay Pick :) Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Review

The light and lovely Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet comes in a bottle embodying classic Dior Elegance :) I picked this one in lieu of the many other Miss Diors for a reason! Read on to find out :)

The light and lovely Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet comes in a bottle embodying classic Dior elegance 🙂 I picked this one in lieu of the many other Miss Diors for a reason! Read on to find out.

Hello ladies!

Hope you’re having a lovely week. I got back into my regular  exercise routine this week after an on/off  month because I was pretty sick and the recovery period took longer than expected! But I’m better than ever now so it was all worth it 🙂

I was about to put on my current perfume addiction (VIP Rose 212, click here for a review) before heading out for my run today but stopped myself – VIP Rose is limited edition (and expensive) so I want it to last as long as possible 😛 hehehe.  Also,  I’m one of those people who will use a perfume to death for a couple of weeks/months and end up not being able to smell it anymore unless insane amounts are applied.

From experience I know this ends up giving me – and any fellow human beings in the vicinity –  a killer headache! So, to prevent losing my olfactory appreciation of VIP Rose,what did I put on to smell good, but not overpower nature?

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

This is one of the few perfumes I picked and bought for myself way back in 2013 during a vacation (I usually drop hints for family members to avoid having to dish out on this type of beauty expense :P). I was very lucky to get a discount on it ( holiday sale! ) – I picked a 50 ml up for 55 USD –  the price is listed at 75 USD on Sephora. Wohoo for me 😛 But I am confused about something – I bought mine in the summer of 2013 whereas online it says it was launched in 2014. I am guessing it was either launched in 2014 in other parts of the world and/or the press release came after a very long time. Or perhaps the version that is being touted online is an updated edition of the one I own. I will investigate and update this post accordingly so do visit again for a clarification on this matter 🙂

Anyways, why did I pick blooming bouquet in lieu of the 100 other editions of Miss Dior they had lying around? It’s very different in terms of its softness to my regular scents (which are heavy, rich and long lasting). Its’ a fun, light scent that gives me a very nice, clean, breezy finish (like luxury washing powder). Its’ perfect for day-wear. It doesn’t have too much staying power but  I might just have grown immune to its’ already light smell. In our part of the world it is ideal for use in the winter – in the summer it gets too easily overpowered  by the Givenchies the other ladies wear  🙂

Regardless, the scent is lovely and outstanding in its unique way – if you don’t like fruity/floral tones stay away! Otherwise I strongly recommend it.

Oh and the bottle is a adorable – classic Dior luxury for your dressing table 🙂 So you must get one especially if you never got your hands on Miss Dior Cherie (like me) back in the day!

Have an awesome day lovelies! Don’t forget to Make up  (and scent up) well until next time  🙂



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